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About Us

Barry has been working in construction for 38 years. He previously worked for Spenard Builders Supply in Eagle River before starting Granite City Alaska. It's said that Barry always has a smile on his face and loves to serve his clients every day!


Our Services


Countertops/Sink ~ Backsplash ~ Custom Design ~ Cutting Boards ~ Flooring


Tub Surround ~ Shower Surround ~ Backsplash ~ Flooring ~ Custom Design


Commercial uses ~ Table ~ Desk ~ Custom Floor ~ Wall Design ~ Fireplaces

Granite City Alaska FAQ

What is the difference between granite and quartz?
Granite is natural stone that is mined from quarries all around the world. The slabs of granite all look a little different. Quartz is man-made. It varies much less than granite, so usually what you see is what you get. It is 93% stone and 7% resin. Granite surfaces need to be sealed usually every 6 months with a simple spray.

What is the benefit to stone surfaces rather than solid surface?
The benefit to both granite and quartz is that they are stain and scratch resistant. Solid surface will scratch and can crack much easier than a stone surface.

Where else in my home can I put granite or quartz other than my kitchen and bathroom countertops?
We have installed window sills, fireplaces, shelves, and can do almost anything you need!