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Locally owned and operated, 1 Hour Optical offers comprehensive vision care at competitive pricing.  1 Hour Optical has the largest selection of frames in the CSRA and offers the latest products in both eyeglasses and contact lenses.  Highly skilled doctors ensure the eye examination is tailored to meet the personal needs of each patient.  A well-trained staff is on hand to assist you with all your vision care needs.

1 Hour Optical FAQ

Can I buy contact lenses without a prescription?
No, under U.S. law, the purchase of contact lenses requires a valid contact lens prescription written by a qualified eye care practitioner. This includes plain, or non-prescription, colored contact lenses or special-effect lenses that are worn for cosmetic purposes only. Your eye care practitioner can only write your contact lens prescription after a thorough contact lens exam and fitting. Throughout the U.S., you can be fitted for contact lenses by an optometrist or an opthalmologist. In some states, opticians also can be certified to fit contact lenses.

Why do you need a prescription?
It is illegal to sell contact lenses without a prescription, and for good reason. A contact lens is a medical device, and a poorly fitted lens - or one made from a material not well-suited to your eyes - can cause distorted vision, discomfort, infection, inflammation, swelling and abrasion. In rare cases, permanent eye tissue damage could result. And it goes without saying that you should never share your contact lenses, including colored contacts and theatrical contacts. Sharing contact lenses can cause potentially sight-threatening eye problems.

If the sun doesn't bother my eyes, do I still need to wear sunglasses?
Yes. The sun has damaging UV rays that can cause photokeratitis, pinqueculae and permanent retinal damage.

Is an eye screening (at school or the pediatrician) the same as an eye exam?
It is important to know that a vision screening by a child's pediatrician or at his or her preschool is not the same as a comprehensive eye and vision examination by an optometrist. Vision screenings are a limited process and can't be used to diagnose and eye or vision problem, but rather may indicate a potential need for further evaluation. They may miss as many as 60% of children with vision problems. Even if a vision screening does not identify a possible vision problem, a child may still have one.

Why should I bother to go to the eye doctor when I can simply pick up an inexpensive pair of eyeglasses at the store?
Some people do have good luck with drugstore reading glasses. However, you need to visit your eye doctor regularly for two reasons:
  • Regular eye exams are the only way to catch "silent" diseases in their early stages, when they're more easily treated.
  • One-size-fits-all reading glasses do not work well for people who have a different prescription in each eye, or whose eyes are not centered in the lens. Headaches are a common problem in those cases.

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