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Phone: (803) 641-2428

About Us

Aiken County Public Schools: Building for a Better Tomorrow, One Child at a Time

The mission of the Aiken County Public School District is to create in students a passion for learning and achievement that will serve them as they compete and contribute in a global society.
An Area of Special Academic Emphasis: Reading achievement at all grade levels (K-12), with special emphasis on direct reading instruction in grades K-3.
Literacy Vision: Aiken County Public Schools demonstrates an unwavering commitment of the educational community to embrace their responsibility for ensuring that each student at any level becomes a successful reader and writer.
Fundamental Values
The Aiken County Public School District will be known for
• Safe learning environments where every student has the opportunity to achieve developmental outcomes at the highest potential,
• Highly qualified educators and competent support persons who can orchestrate and facilitate exceptional learning outcomes at every level and who continue to grow personally and professionally throughout their careers,
• Facilities that nurture effective learning practices for all students,
• A transportation system that is safe, efficient, and accessible to all students,
• Appropriate use of technology to further learning and to make information management more productive, and,
• An organizational culture that encourages integrity, collegiality, high expectations for student success, student, parental and community engagement, and continuous improvement.