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About Us


Women Enlightened for Better Health (WE) is a unique health initiative developed by Aiken Regional Medical Centers to provide guidance, support and care navigation to women as they make health decisions for themselves and their family.

This program is tailored to meet the challenging demands of your daily life, and has been designed to help you, and other women like you, navigate the tools and resources that are necessary to keep yourself and your loved ones in good health.


Aiken Regional Medical Centers FAQ

Does Aiken Regional Medical Centers have a program promoting women’s health?
You’re in luck! ARMC is the first and only health care facility to have a FREE comprehensive women’s initiative in the CSRA. Visit to learn more about the program and to join.

How can I get a doctor?
Through our FREE Direct Doctor’s Physician Referral Service. We will not only make your appointment but we’ll send you a confirmation letter.

Do you have a center specifically for Pediatrics?
Palmetto Pediatrics is our pediatric center located on the campus of the main hospital. We provide inpatient and outpatient services for infants, children and adolescents. To schedule an appointment call 803-641-KIDS.

How do I receive more information on ARMC and their services?
Simply visit or call 803-641-5926 and request a General Services brochure or any other information that you are interested in.

How do I schedule a mammogram?
Call 803-641-5808 to schedule an appointment or if you have questions about Women’s LifeCare Diagnostic Center call them directly at 803-641-5065. Remember that a physician referral IS NOT needed for a screening mammogram. We also have references to assist women who cannot afford their yearly screening. Call us!

What’s the Pearl Program?
The Pearl Program is an added value to the WE membership. With a $20 donation to the Savannah River Cancer Foundation, you will receive a Pearl Membership packet that will include health screening options. With the completion of 5, each year, you will receive an add a pearl necklace (a 5mm pearl from Floyd and Green). Throughout your journey to a healthier you, you can get a full genuine pearl necklace.