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Phone: (706) 288-7895

About Us

From local farms for local families.
It's as simple as that.
Augusta Locally Grown
is a nonprofit organization serving the Central Savannah River community of Georgia.
Augusta Locally Grown manages an extensive on-line farmers market with three pick-up locations in Augusta and Evans. Augusta Locally Grown is also working with local groups to create traditional farmers markets in Columbia and Richmond counties.
Augusta Locally Grown partners with a wide variety of other community organizations, farmers and businesses to host local food events.


Augusta Locally Grown helps local educators bring healthy-food classes to the public.  This includes instruction in cooking, tasting, nutrition, canning, preserving, organic gardening and backyard poultry raising. 
Augusta Locally Grown promotes the development of a vibrant food-growing community. This includes recruiting new farmers to our area and connecting existing farmers to customers, restaurants, markets and media.
Eating local foods supports the local economy.
In fact, 90% of all sales made through Augusta Locally Grown goes right back to the farmers. 
Sustainable, chemical-free farmings nurtures the soil, protects water sources and ensures that farm animals have access to sunshine, fresh air, clean water and natural forage. Our farmers are located within 100 miles of Augusta.
Good food brings people together. At Augusta Locally Grown, we like to say that "a community is healthiest when it feeds itself." 
Growing, harvesting, hunting, fishing, preserving, cooking, enjoying each other's company around the dinner table ... at Augusta Locally Grown we reclaim these self-reliant traditions as foundations of our heritage in the Central Savannah River area.