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Phone: (803) 441-4331

About Us

North Augusta's Blue Bag Recycling Program is recognized as one of the best recycling programs in the state. Every three months, one package of Blue Bags is delivered to each residential sanitation customer. The package contains enough Blue Bags for a typical family to fill one bag per week with reclyclables. All recyclable material is placed in the same Blue Bag which is then placed in the roll cart with other bagged household garbage.

The following items may be placed together in the same Blue Bag and then placed in the roll cart for recycling:

Paper Products

Newspaper (with inserts), magazines, phone books, cardboard, paperboard such as cereal and gift boxes, white and sorted office paper and shredded paper.
Note: Cardboard too large for Blue Bags should be broken down to the extent possible and placed at the curbside on collection day.

Glass and Small Metal Containers

Aluminum and steel cans, and clear, brown, green, and blue glass bottles and jars.

Plastic Containers

Plastic bottles and jugs with a #1 or #2 recycling symbol on the bottom; plastic milk jugs, plastic soda bottles and plastic detergent bottles.

After pickup, the Blue Bags are separated from the household garbage, sorted at the City's Material Recovery Facility (MRF), and sold to reprocessing companies.

For more information about North Augusta's Blue Bag Recycling Program, please call 803-441-4331 or 803-441-4245.  If additional bags are needed or you accumulate excess bags, please call 803-441-4223.