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I offer a free assessment where I get to know your needs and tastes, and follow up with a detailed proposal complete with cost and time estimates. I work as quickly and efficiently as your schedule and stamina allow!
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Like most organizers, I live by the principle that “less is more” and the mantra, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.”
That said, I understand that needs, preferences and processes vary from one person to another. I develop systems and designs with your ideal space in mind – not mine. This means that, although I challenge your attachment to certain items, for instance, I ultimately respect your decision to keep them, if you so choose. I also thrive on variety so I enjoy accommodating my clients’ diverse lifestyles.


Payment and Fees

Session time is charged at the stated hourly rate, agreed upon during scheduling. Charges for exceptional travel are also negotiated during scheduling.  Partial hours are charged by rounding up to the nearest half hour.There is a minimum fee of 2 hours. 

Full payment is due at the end of each session, except when otherwise negotiated (packages are paid up front).

Phone and email correspondence is free unless otherwise negotiated.


Cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled start time will incur a one-hour charge.  Cancellations made within 3 hours of the scheduled start time will incur a charge equivalent to the full cost of the originally scheduled session.  In case of inclement weather or emergency, exceptions may be made to these policies.

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Hi, I’m Marin and my favorite thing to do is to organize! I work with clients to help make their lives simpler and more serene, and their spaces as practical and beautiful as possible. I established my business in Washington, DC before coming to Augusta, GA. I travel frequently to serve clients in the DC area, as well as in New York and Philadelphia.

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