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About Us

Teaching good manners, etiquette, and social skills to girls and boys ages 3 to 17.

I am so excited to offer the Molly Manners enrichment program to our community here in Augusta, GA including Richmond and Columbia counties.

Manners are a life skill that can enhance one’s relationship with others. I believe that good manners are a life long skill that should begin as a foundation, which can be built upon throughout a child’s life. Teaching manners, respect and social etiquette helps create strong, self-confident children who gain respect from adults and their peers.

As a professional businesswoman and mother I have realized that children would benefit from an enrichment program that focuses on traditional proper principles of social skills that are incorporated into today’s modern society. As a parent I know how difficult it can be to make sure we are offering our children all of the developmental opportunities that they need to grow and prosper into good citizens. This program complements parents’ efforts and reinforces the importance of good manners in a fun and interactive environment. Molly Manners of Augusta assists children with developing an early foundation of good manners, etiquette, and social skills starting at age 3 to 17.

I look forward to making a positive impact on the social skills of the children in our community with the Molly Manners enrichment program!

Contact Alison Smith for scheduling special events:
After School Enrichment programs
Daycare Enrichment programs
Birthday Parties
Girl Scout and Boy Scout Classes
Wedding Etiquette Classes for Children
Prom Etiquette
Interview Etiquette

Nice is Right (ages 3-6)

• What do good manners look like?
• Friendly Introductions
• Setting the table
• Good table manners
• Nice words to use
• I’m a happy helper!
• Kindness counts
• Patience is polite
• Sharing is caring
• Good sportsmanship
• Playdate and birthday party manners
• Respect for myself and others
• I like the me I see!

Kool to be Kind (ages 7-11)
• Impeccable Introductions
• Words to Use and Words to Lose
• Helping at home
• Setting the table
• Good table manners
• Restaurant dining etiquette
• Good personal habits
• Great First Impressions
• Conversation skills
• Posture and body language
• Party, Sleepover, and playdate etiquette
• Thank you notes
• Good sportsmanship
• Xtreme Confidence

The Young Sophisticate (ages 12-17)

• Positive first impressions
• Impeccable Introductions
• Table manners
• Restaurant dining etiquette
• Conversation skills
• Cell phone, email, and texting courtesy
• Social network manners
• Talking about money
• Thank you notes
• Good personal habits
• Confidence and body language
• Interview Skills and Tips