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Phone: (706) 724-5544
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About Us

Our Mission

United Way of the CSRA improves life in our community by maximizing the impact of charitable contributions.

Our Vision

United Way of the CSRA is the leader in identifying health and human service needs and securing resources to meet these needs.

Our Values

  • SERVICE: We believe community service is at the heart of our mission. We will serve the community through teamwork, professionalism, and sensitivity to all customers.
  • INTEGRITY: We believe we must inspire trust and confidence through our actions. We will be transparent, accountable, and honest in communicating with our customers.
  • RESPECT: We believe our community is diverse and in this diversity we find our strengths. We will be inclusive and will embrace the uniqueness of each customer.
  • COOPERATION: We believe cooperation is the fundamental thread in the fabric of teamwork. We will work together as a team, listen carefully to the community, and treat our customers with compassion and respect.
  • ACHIEVEMENT:We believe challenges are opportunities to excel. We will mobilize community resources to create lasting changes that improve lives.