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About Us

We sell Real wood Unfinished Furniture. Full line of finishing supplies and we finish what we sell as well as other people's furniture.

Information for Moms

Crystal Galny talks with Cindy Roberts about “up scaling” old furniture with Burr’s Unfinished Furniture’s “Java Gel” paint.(Full Story)
Crystal Galny talks with Burr’s Unfinished Furniture owner, Cindy Roberts, about the advantages of buying real wood furniture.(Full Story)
Crystal Galny talks with Burr’s Unfinished Furniture owner, Cindy Roberts, about the benefits of buying unfinished furniture vs. finished furniture.(Full Story)

Burr's Unfinished Furniture FAQ

Can I do the painting myself?
Yes it is applied with a foam brush and is all water base and warm soap and water clean up.

Will you do the work for me?
Yes we will depending on the size and what you would like to do the price will varry.

But it has a factory finish on it.
Not a problem The Milk Paint we carry will go on top of any finish and then you apply the High Performance top coat.

How does the Java Gel I see on Pintrest work?
This is a Gel Stain with a Urethane finish already in. This lets you go over already finished furniture or Cabinets to give that rich dark look. This does take two coats in most case's and is Oil base. The Gel does not have an offensive oder and you apply the Water base High Performance top coat after completely dry.

Burr's Unfinished Furniture has been in buisness since 1980 Family owned and operated.  We take pride in selling REAL wood furniture and offering great customer service before and after the sale.  At Burr's you become our friend.  We sell all the supplies you need to finish Or we offer finishing services.  Don't settle for just any color you be the designer, and let us help make your house a home.  When you buy Unfinished furniture you know you are getting Real Wood not Manufacture Density Fiber Board (MDF) or Particle Board.  With Unfinished furniture you will have a piece you can pass down for generations.