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Others provide alerts related to sales and some have alerts for coupons but no one else provides email alerts for the best deals: match-ups of sales and coupons.

You easily pick the products you use, how much you want to save and your favorite stores. You'll get an email when we find deals matching your criteria and you'll never have to search for sales or coupons again!

For only $5 per month, enjoy the convenience and many time-saving features enabling you to save hundreds of dollars on your grocery bills.  Click here to get started!


Information for Moms

Social media sites are more than great places to post pictures of your dinner and hear about your friends’ kids’ soccer scores. You can save big money on the things you already buy.(Full Story)
Let’s take a peek at the answers to two questions: Where is that money going? and What can you do to offset those increases?(Full Story)
For those who are new to shopping with coupons, you may have encountered a stressful situation or two at the checkout.(Full Story)
With allergies, finding and buying groceries can be a big challenge...without breaking the bank.(Full Story)
Americans drink an average of 11.2 cans of soda each week or 582 cans a year.(Full Story)
When you don’t use coupons, you spend more. When you don’t save money, you have no reserves. When you don’t plan, life hits you. That doesn’t change. One thing you can change: habits.(Full Story)
Although you can load up on a year or more of foods for your pantry and save your family an enormous amount of money, the one area you may find yourself still buying on a regular basis is fresh produce. (Full Story)
Years ago, there was a stigma about coupon users. They were viewed as cheap, miserly – frugal was almost a bad word. Not so anymore!(Full Story)
You might think that the savviest grocery shoppers buy a lot of store brand / generic products in order to save money.(Full Story)
One key to savings is to make items you already buy work twice as hard, so your wallet doesn’t have to.(Full Story)
Home cooked meals taste even a little better when you can enjoy some savings along with them!(Full Story)
There’s little doubt that grocery stores make their greatest profits from our many impulse buys. Studies show that anywhere between 30%-80% of all grocery store purchases are unplanned.(Full Story)


Overview of the PriceWatcherExpress service:

1. Click this link and take 50 seconds to watch the video.

2. After watching the video, Sign Up and Set Your Alerts.

3. Register for Price Watcher Express and pay the $5 fee.

4. Once you are registered, you will be taken to a page to set your stores and alerts.

5. After setting your stores and alerts, you can view your matches and start saving!

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