Pet Rider
Many pets enjoy riding along in the car, but that joy can often leave a mess in the interior.  On this As Seen on TV, we'll try out the Pet Rider which promises protection when your pet is onboard.

Furniture Fix
Replacing furniture can be expensive.  So, if your favorite couch or chair is giving you that sinking feeling, maybe it just needs a fix.

One-Second Needle
For some, the one of the hardest parts about sewing is threading the needle.  But there’s a product called the One-Second Needle that not only says it can help you with that, you can likely do it blindfolded.

Here is a product that claims to do the stirring while you are doing something else. It is called the RoboStir, and as the name would suggest, it is a robotic stirring device. 

Slap Chop
Slap Chop may sound like a cool new karate move, but it’s actually a device that could help you slice and dice your favorite fruits and vegetables.

Aluma Wallet
The Aluma Wallet claims to be virtually indestructible and makes it easier to access your credit cards while protecting you against identity theft and fraud.

Chef Basket
It’s the Chef Basket, a tool for the kitchen that claims to do the work of 12 gadgets.  But is it worth it?

HD Aviators
Typical sunglasses cut down on the light hitting your eyes. The HD Vision Aviators are not made to cut down the light. They claim to help you see more in the light.

Style Snaps
Need a hem in a hurry? A new product claims it can give you a perfect hem without sewing or ironing.

Meguiar's Headlight Restoration Kit
Meguiar's Headlight Restoration Kit claims it can make hazy, yellowed headlight lenses look like new.

Mighty Fix-It
If you have priced garden hoses these days, you know they are not cheap. Mighty Fix-It claims it can can fix just about any leak, whether it's in a hose or a pipe.

Easy Feet
If you have trouble cleaning your feet, Easy Feet claims to make the job...easy.  But is it worth it?

Yoshi Blade
The Yoshi Blade is supposed to be the world’s best ceramic knife.  It’s said to be ten times sharper than a conventional knife and it won’t rust or peel over time.

Magic Bullet
If you’re not an expert in the kitchen when it comes to chopping, blending or mixing, the Magic Bullet claims it can make you a master chef.

Mr. Steamy
"Mr. Steamy", a product that claims to eliminate the need for dryer sheets or ironing clothes after removing them from the dryer.