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This bread includes my "triple threat" of favorite spices - cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger!

This recipe is almost too easy! Perfect for when you're pressed for time.

Smoothies especially taste good after exercise during the window of opportunity to take in good nutrition (within an hour of finishing your activity) to replenish the stores that have been used. By packing in nutrient rich foods, like those found in this smoothie, you are helping the body recover.

I love this bacon-wrapped chicken recipe because it’s super flexible as far as some of the ingredients go, making it easy to keep the price down, depending on what’s on sale.

If you need a great idea for dinner tonight, check out our demonstration of Easy Pork Stir-Fry.

This recipe is almost 60 years old, from an old magazine in publication from 1873-1957.

Pulling something hot and delicious out of the oven feels way better than handing a greasy bag to the back seat of the car!

This spicy sausage and kale stew is super easy, cooks in the crock pot, and most importantly, is rich and delicious.

If you need a great idea for dinner tonight, check out our demonstration of Salsa Chicken.

This smoothie recipe is full of protein, fiber and antioxidants to help you make the most of your workouts and more.

The original name for these bars were "chocolate chip lunchtime bars." I changed the name to chocolate chip and oatmeal bars because of two reasons - one is that chocolate chips and oatmeal are the two main ingredients and second, these bars can be eaten anytime, not just for lunch :)

Nothing pleases the senses quite like a comfort food dish on a chilly evening.

Three words describe these cookies perfectly - super duper delicious!! They are also a welcome break from cookies with chocolate.

I couldn’t think of a name that sounded good so I relied on my humor and Snoop Dogg to come up with the name.

I chose the simplest recipe, using pre-made ingredients that stayed in my budget of $10 or less.

These little pretzel bites are crunchy, a little bit salty, and sweet.

I’m a full believer that being active makes for a happier state of mind, so ignoring the gloom lurking in my thoughts, I made a plan for the day. It involved baking and cookies…lots of cookies.

I love biscotti because of its versatility. You can have a few for breakfast or after dinner for dessert.

It seems like everywhere you turn there’s a plate of cookies, candy and pie. No wonder so many of us gain weight over the holidays! Well here’s a simple yet delicious treat that won’t make you feel deprived, is a good source of fiber and healthy carbs, and also high in protein. And there are only 4 ingredients.