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This article, entitled "A Question a Day," comes from Annie Woods, MomsEveryday blogger from Reno, NV.

A friend of mine recently gave me a book that contains 365 questions to ask your child. The questions are simple, such as “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?” or “What do you like to do with your friends?”. The idea is to start a conversation with your child. The book allows for you to write the answers down and there’s a space for an answer every year for 3 years.

I didn’t realize what a great gift this was until I started actually utilizing it. Like all of us, kids love to be heard, they love to feel what they say matters and to know that someone is interested in their thoughts. My daughter gets so excited when I pull the book of questions out and she gets to have all the focus on her and what she thinks. She’s almost 4, so you can imagine that some of her answers are pretty hilarious. It’s so fun to get a glimpse as to what’s going on inside that sweet head of hers. And I love that I can record these answers for the next 3 years to see how her thoughts and feelings change. For example, when I asked her what she likes to do with her friends she responded “Share, drink juice and dress up.” Well, the first part of that answer was clearly because she knew that was the proper response (she does NOT like to share). But the rest of her answer was so pure and honest I couldn’t help but smile. I mean, drinking juice is fun…but is it really worth mentioning?

The point is, I feel like I interact with my kid all the time, but this book really made me realize how rarely I actually ask her about how she feels and what she thinks. You don’t need to go buy this book to make this connection, but I encourage anyone who lives with a child to sit down every day and ask them at least one question about themselves. You might be surprised what you learn about a little being you thought you knew so well.

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