The Seasons of Life

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Do you have a friend or friends that stick with you through thick and thin? Or ones that love you know matter what? I have several friends that fit this category (and I am so grateful for them all), but I want to talk about a special group of girls today. I’ve known this group of girls almost my entire life! We’ve been through many “seasons” together (22+ years).

Some of us started ballet together at the age of 3. The rest of us became classmates at a young age. I am so thankful for this group of girls. I thought I would start by sharing a couple of “old-school” pictures from our senior year of high school (sorry girls, you are going to hate me for this. One is from a dress-up day at school and the other from an awards banquet.

I have so many memories that include these 8 people: Anjali, Lindsay M., Lindsay Y., Melanie, Emily, Jennie, Holly, and Carrie. We survived the awkward years of middle school, the newness of high school, the bad hair and fashion choices (remember when you all turned your hair pink?!?!), the pressures of honors classes (I survived Advanced Bio b/c of Jennie and Anjali), the joys of dating and the heartbreaks (there are too many stories here), the decisions about college/careers, and then the temporary goodbyes. I am fortunate to say, that many years and miles separate us, but we always pick up where we left off!

I am thankful for the holiday season because this is when we get to pick-up where we left off. During Thanksgiving and Christmas we make every attempt to gather together and catch-up. This is often hard because many of us live in different states and hours apart. Plus, many of us have careers we can’t get away from and new families. Despite all the craziness of the holiday season, we know it is important for us to get together. When we get together, it is like the years are rewound and we are giddy teenagers again. I love doing “life” with these girls. Each one has left a special imprint on my life that has shaped who I am as a woman, wife, and mother.
I know we will continue to grow-up, but we will never grow apart.

During this holiday season, I hope you take the time to enjoy life and the friendships you have! I am looking forward to spending some time with these beautiful, smart, and talented ladies! Love you guys and can’t wait to see what new “seasons” we go through together.

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