Mother's Intuition Not Quite Right

This article, entitled "Mother's Intuition Not Quite Right," comes from Heather King, MomsEveryday blogger from Eastern Carolina.

It's always humbling when you take your child to the doctor thinking you know what's wrong with them, but you find out, you're wrong.

WARNING: this blog entry might have TMI (too much information) for some readers.

A trip to the pediatrician can always be a humbling experience. A parent obviously makes an appointment when they think their child is sick or suffering from something they think a doctor can help with. It's always humbling to get to the office and find out what you thought was wrong, isn't.

I took both my girls to the doctor this week (and no, you don't get a break on the co-pay when you bring them together). I thought Kate (the baby) might have an ear infection and wanted a check on Lauren (the three year old) as well, since there was a faint, funny scent coming from one of her ears.

The kind pediatrician started with Lauren and her somewhat smelly ear. No ear infection in there, but there was a pretty developed infection in the other ear--the one I had previously had no concern about. Her tube in the infected ear had fallen out, which is what they tend to do, and her ear quickly developed an infection, while the other, tube in tact, had some drainage that just happened to stink a little. So, ear drops for one ear and an oral antibiotic for the other, and the toddler was good to go.

The doc moved on to Kate, who I was pretty sure had an ear infection in her right ear. Why else would she be playing it with it so much and refusing to eat in a position where her right ear would be down? Again, what I thought was wrong wasn't. Granted, I'm thrilled that Kate doesn't have an ear infection. However, I learned she does have a virus, and that's what was causing her poop to be green. In case you missed it, that was the "too much information" part, although the aforementioned smelly ear might also qualify for that category. On side but somewhat related note, a nurse shared with me the only time to worry about the color of poop is when it's bright red or jet black. Green? No problem. Purple? The child probably ate a crayon.

But I digress.

So, why was Kate playing with her ear? The pediatrician kindly told me that babies at Kate's age are getting more coordinated and want to exercise that coordination, even if it's just messing with their ear.

It's not the first time I've gone to see the pediatrician thinking one thing was wrong and finding out there was something else, or nothing at all. Parenting is humbling all the time!

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