Fun indoor activities for kids

Make the stuck-indoors days an opportunity for fun and learning. These easy indoor science experiments will keep kids busy no matter the weather outside!

How to Make Indoor Snow

  • Fill a bowl half full of shaving cream.
  • Add in Baking Soda and mix by hand.
  • Continue to add Baking Soda until mixture feels like snow. (If too wet add more Baking Soda, if too dry add more shaving cream.)

Kids can play with this indoors. Add food coloring for more fun!
*Warning, can be a messy project!

Color Bombs

  • Fill clear cups with water.
  • Slowly pour oil on top of water. Only need about 1/2 inch to 1 inch on top. Pour slow so the oil is smooth on top without bubbles.
  • Using food coloring, put droplets on top of oil. The more and bigger the droplets, the quicker it will make it's way through the oil.
  • Oil and water don't mix, and because food coloring is water based it will make small dots and will slowly descend through the oil.
  • To make the experiments different kids could try using different oils or make the layer of oil thicker on top of the water.

Measuring the Water in Snow

  • Grab snow from your yard and place it in a measuring cup.
  • Have kids record how much they placed in there and allow the day to melt the snow (for faster results place measuring cup in warm water).
  • After snow is melted record the amount and teach kids that when water is frozen it expands.
  • To make experiment different could also pack the snow tight in one measuring cup and lightly in another.

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