Thrift store tips, part two

This article, entitled "Thrift store tips, part two," comes from guest blogger Leslie Wagner.

I’m back with your second dose of thrift store tips. After last time I hope I didn’t overwhelm you. Thrift shopping can seem overwhelming. I have a friend I’m trying to teach how to find the good deals and she asked me if I have all this written down especially the tip I’m going to share about days and times to shop. It’s not easy, I’m not going to lie but after you get it all figured out you will see the rewards and you will be addicted! So let’s begin shall we?

1. As I mentioned there is a day and time to shop. This one can become confusing. One of my favorite thrift stores locally is only open on Friday and Monday. Friday when they open at 11 is the best time to shop if you’re wanting to see the new inventory. Monday afternoon is the best time to shop if you don’t want to deal with crowds and rude people. Every thrift store will be different. Every store has different hours. When stores are only open a couple days a week it really is shopping at different times and seeing what is more important to you, the inventory (which of course is what I suggest) or if you’d rather shop when the store is less crowded. This leads to my next point…

2. Know when the store puts out new inventory. Some stores like the one I mentioned above only puts out new things while the store itself is closed. Other bigger stores may put out new things throughout the day as workers have items ready to bring out and stock. If you are looking for something specific, say like furniture, ask an employee when they are going to put out new. Most times they know and are more than happy to tell you. And if they tell you make sure you are there the day and time that they said they were going to put things out. The good stuff tends to go quickly!

3. Follow your favorite thrift stores and even those that aren’t a favorite on social media. This allows you to know when sales are going on and other promotions that they may be having. Many stores have a color tag that may be half price for the day/week or maybe a sale like fill a bag for $5 type sales. Most thrift stores have at least a Facebook page so be sure to follow them.

4. This one may seem a bit out there but it’s so very true! Thrift shop while on vacation or when away from home visiting out of town relatives. I drove my husband nuts on many occasions because when we would go somewhere id Google where the nearest thrift store was compared to our hotel. I always found good things too. Think about it you’re away from home, you’re going to find things that typically you probably wouldn’t see around your home. Just don’t get carried away and buy too much or anything to huge. It won’t be a great deal if you can’t get it home or you have to pay for shipping for the item.

5. My final tip isn’t so much thrift store related but more related to watching church signs and newspaper ads. Church or mom groups will often hold clothing swaps or even clothing giveaways. Swaps are where people can donate the items that hey no longer want and this gets them “admission” to the swap. On swap day everyone who has donated can come in first and take whatever items they want. Clothing giveaways are when church and community members donate unwanted items and then the church or other organization will organize it and invite the public in to come and take what they want. I have found some great items from giveaways. I went to one recently and found Michael Kors jeans! I don’t know who can donate such a high ticket item but they are now hanging proudly in my closet. The trick is just watching signs and ads in your local newspaper. Most want as many people as possible to attend so there is less clean up afterwards.

It is my sincere hope that these tips can get you started in the fun world of thrift shopping. It really is fun! I can’t wait to share some recent finds with you, I may even include the Michael Kors jeans. There really is a wealth of clothing, accessories, home items, and furniture out there to find if you are willing to go look for it. And a positive of thrift shopping, not only are you saving your wallet but you are also saving the planet from all of peoples unwanted items ending up in the landfill.

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