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Oh my gosh! I am so proud of myself! I just found the BEST gift for my almost 12-year-old son’s birthday. In fact, I was so delighted about my “find” that I had to text my husband (and include a bunch of exclamation points) the second I found it. As soon as I spotted it, there was no doubt that I was buying it. Have you ever had this experience?

The best thing about this gift is, while the sales person told me it’s been around since the holidays, I didn’t know it existed! What a delightful discovery for me! What’s even better? My son would never know it exists because whenever I make him walk into that type of store, he stops at the door and just tells me he is happy to stand there and wait for me to be done shopping around. It’s his best effort to avoid being rude to his mother.

Anyhow, here’s what I found: A Darth Vader Spatula and Star Wars pancake molds of different space ships. If you aren’t a Star Wars family (Yes, it’s usually a whole family thing – I’ve decided there are very few singular Star Wars fans.) maybe you could live without the pancake paraphernalia, but I was not leaving that store without Darth and the pancake things.

You know, this kind of experience is yet another thing I just love about being a mom. - I really have fun enjoying the things my kids enjoy. And, I really get a huge “kick” out of surprising them with related stuff like the Darth gear.

I have joked that I LOVE having excuses to go see all the cool movies (For example, I’ve decided It’s my job as a mom – a tough one, of course – to go along to all those movies with handsome vampires and cute werewolves.) and ride roller coasters at amusement parks, but I’m serious about how happy I feel about sharing in my children’s enthusiasm for something they enjoy. And, our shared enthusiasm definitely helps me feel closer to my kids.

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