Burn More than Dinner for the Holidays

This article, entitled "Burn More than Dinner for the Holidays," comes from Rebecca Regnier, MomsEveryday blogger from Toledo, OH.

Sure - we know we're probably going to consume more than a dieters share of calories/fat/carb/pumpkin/stress than an average day. But did you know the holiday dinner also offers an opportunity to burn more of calories/fat/carbs/(insert terrible thing you’re counting here) as well? Sure it does. Yep. Here's how you burn more stuff up when you host a holiday dinner at your house.

Vacuuming- Your guests likely don't want dog hair sprinkled yams so if power vacuuming is on the list count it as cardio! Also it is muscle building if you move furniture to vacuum under it.

Mashing Potatoes- Volunteer for this one if you want to get a little arm work in. It's a well-known fitness fact that mashing 40 pounds of potatoes is how Madonna got her Man-donna arms. So mash your way to sinewy intimidating arms fit for something sleeveless and killing things with your bare hands.

Platter Scavenge 2014- Is it downstairs in the basement? Up the ladder to the attic? Perhaps it's around the corner at your neighbors? The time and energy you use up to find that one platter is worth a piece of pie for sure.

Smiling Through Rage- Oh yes Great Aunt Irma did just complain about the dog hair/seating arrangement/fact that you used Stove Top Stuffing. Just slap a smile on your face and remind yourself that you love her and she'll be dead before you know it. This eats up calories for sure - especially if you do it while lifting a 20 pound turkey.

Gratitude- Being grateful is sweet! Plus no impact on the blood sugar. Be grateful for what you have and that they still want to be near you even when you're dieting. :)

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Rebecca Regnier
Rebecca Regnier is an award winning journalist. She hosts a television show called Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate and writes a weekly newspaper humor column.

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