Company makes shopping carts safer for kids

A study from the Center for Injury Research indicates that on average, 24,000 children a year, which amounts to 66 per day, are treated in emergency rooms because of shopping cart injuries.

Kroger, along with other grocery stores, have begun to add a new safety enhancement to their grocery carts called Safe Dock.

Safe Dock is a universal docking station for infant car seats, mounted to the top of the shopping cart. The unit includes a safety belt that holds the seat to the cart. This allows the baby to safely face mom or dad during shopping.

Kroger says you can ask your local store manager about installing Safe Dock systems on their shopping carts, or you can visit to find stores near you that offer Safe Dock.

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Rebecca Regnier
Rebecca Regnier is an award winning journalist. She hosts a television show called Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate and writes a weekly newspaper humor column.

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