Portion Controlled Valentine Treat

This article, entitled "Portion Controlled Valentine Treat," comes from Rebecca Regnier, MomsEveryday blogger from Toledo, OH.


Nine Hershey’s Kisses® are 230 calories. I know this because I looked up the information before I ate nine Hershey’s Kisses®. I’m not telling you this because I want you to “cheat” or tempt you but I really want a treat on Valentine’s day. I have been very “good” with my eating choices lately.

And for me no lifestyle plan is going to work if I can’t savor chocolate now and then. So I’m going to give myself some kisses! Scandalous!

Here’s why The Kisses® are a good choice:

1. They’re individually wrapped so you have to open each one. This takes time so it slows the experience down. You’re forced to enjoy each one, slowly.

2. They’re comfort food. Part of the pleasure of a Hershey’s Kiss® is it’s retro appeal. When a Kiss® melts in your mouth you could be 12 years old again or 40-something. The familiar taste provides a memory of sweet treats from days past.

3. They’re portion controlled perfection, there’s no weighing or estimating for a serving. Grab nine. Put them in front of you. Sit down and enjoy. When you’re done your done.

So have a lovely little chocolate treat and stay within your eating plan for the day. And then the next time you’re at a party and there are Kisses in the candy jar just know it’s about 25 calories a treat. You can easily work that into your day’s eating plan or plan 30 minutes of exercise. So no regrets. Kiss away!

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