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About Us

At Commonwealth Credit Union, We CU Differently!

We live in a crazy world — especially when it comes to finances and who you can trust with your money. Whether it’s paying rent, tuition or your mortgage, saving up for a new RV, or just preparing for retirement, you deserve affordable financial services.

Commonwealth Credit Union is owned by its members, people just like you! You could be eligible to join the club and start enjoying exclusive features only we can offer. Banking, with a personal touch.

Commonwealth Credit Union FAQ

Am I Eligible?

Commonwealth Credit Union serves people who are: Members of the Kentucky Employees Retirement System, members of the Teachers Retirement System, members of the County Employees Retirement System, and members of the State Police Retirement System.

And families can join too!

If you are related to a current member or someone who is eligible to join Commonwealth Credit Union, you can also join!

Relatives include your parents, siblings, children, grandparents, grandchildren, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews, in-laws and step-family, it's anyone in the old family tree, regardless of where they live!

What Services Are Available?
Commonwealth CU is a full service financial institution, which means we basically offer any financial service anyone would need. This includes basic things like savings and checking accounts, home loans, car loans, and credit cards, to services such as investments and retirement planning, as well as the latest tech services such as online banking and mobile banking with mobile deposit and bill payment.

How are our rates?
Commonwealth Credit Union has among the best rates around on home loans, vehicle loans and credit cards. We also pay dividends on savings and checking accounts. You can find our current rates on our website.

What about services for younger people?
Our LEAP program is geared exclusively toward people ages 13 thru 31. It has special savings and checking account options designed with your needs in mind, as well as a growing list of additional financial products and services!

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