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About Us

We provide flexible maintenance plans to suit businesses and families alike. We boast some of the most affordable service call fees in the state. Many of our installations are able to be completed within a day ensuring minimum downtime for your family. Rest assured we have something for your budget.

We service all of Eastern Kentucky until 9 p.m. daily with no overtime rates. We also offer emergency service. We keep many parts in stock to better serve you!  With us It's a breeze for your H.V.A.C. needs!

Eastern Air Flow LLC FAQ

How often should I replace my filters?
We reccomend replacing one inch filters monthly, while 5 inch filters may be changed 2 to 3 times per year.

How often should I have my heating and cooling unit maintained?
We reccomend having your unit maintanined twice per year, and offer affordable maintenance plans that includes filters, cleanings, and checking the well being of your unit.

What should I set my thermostat on?
We reccomend setting your thermostat to a temperature you are comfortable at because everyone is different. I set mine to 74 in the summer and 72 in the winter.

What is SEER rating and what does it mean to me?
SEER stands for Seasonal energy efficency ratio. This measures air conditioning and heat pump cooling energy consumption. People usally save money by upgrading to a new high efficiency unit when the old system is 12 to 15 years old.

Should my heat pump run all the time in the winter?
When the temperature drops below 20 degrees in the winter, many heat pump systems run for long periods of time. If the temperature in the house is not comfortable you should probably call for service.

Our estimates are always FREE! Contact us today for a quote to replace your old inefficient, unreliable, uncomfortable air conditioner or furnace. If your homes heating and cooling system is older than 15 years it would be wise to begin planning to replace it.  Often a newer system will provide considerable savings on your utility bills. Usually heating and cooling systems fail on the hottest day of July or the coldest day of January so contact us today to replace your old system before it breaks down! Upgrade your old heating and cooling system with us to start the new year and realize thousands in savings! People have saved an average of: 50% per year with a   19 seer tempstar high efficiency heat pump. Savings based on customers who currently have a 10 SEER unit.  We serve all of the Big Sandy Region (844) 334-5480 We have financing available!

Comfort Club

  • Save 15% on all repairs-With regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system, it is much less likely to break down. But when it does rest assured knowing it will be repaired quicker and cheaper thanks to your comfort club membership.
  • 24 Hour Service- On the hottest day of July, no matter how many customers are calling our lines you will always be top priority! We will get to your home within a few hours.
  • Huge discounts off new equipment- When the time comes to upgrade your aging equipment, reap the benefits of being in the comfort club with some big savings!
  • Twice a year tune-ups- Make your equipment last twice as long! Have a professional clean, inspect, and maintain your unit twice a year. Includes two filters.

Its your choice to pay a small monthly fee, or a once a year fee! Contact us toll free @ (844) 334-5480. Click here for further information on our Comfort Club.


We now offer in house financing to benefit our veterans, laid off coal miners, and older individuals on a fixed income. Nobody will be turned down with approved income/down payment*. We have also teamed up with some local lending companies to ensure that we help the most people. (*restrictions may apply; call for details.) Please share this page with your family and friends to help get the word out! Thank you for your support.
To apply for our in house financing, or to give us more information so we can help you acquire outside financing please fill out the form below. In the comment section please list your existing equipment size, brand, and type of heating and cooling system. At this time we only finance new equipment.  Click here for our finance application.