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About Us

Maximized Living

Mill Pond Family Chiropractic is a Maximized Living Health Center. Maximized Living Doctors incorporate the 5 Essentials to identify root causes of health issues, remove interference and allow patients to build optimal health to reach their God-given potential rather than mask or treat problems with medications and surgery.

The 5 Essentials:
1. Maximized Mind
2. Maximized Nerve Supply
3. Maximized Quality Nutrients
4. Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle
5. Minimized Toxins

The Mission - To avoid unnecessary human suffering by changing the practice of health care through the 5 Essentials.

The Vision - Through an unshakable commitment to living and sharing the 5 Essentials, 34 million people will enjoy the health needed to experience their potential.

To help you achieve your health goals, we offer the following services:

We strive to offer only the best all-natural care in the world. We know we can help you make a positive difference in your life. Our philosophy is to deliver real, lasting results through simple, easy-to-follow solutions.

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Meet Dr. Donald Miller

Dr. Donald Miller, D.C. is uniquely skilled and experienced at treating the root neurological, metabolic and nutritional imbalances associated with what are causing the disease process of Type II Diabetes, Neuropathy, and other metabolic conditions.

“We look past the symptoms to uncover why you, as an individual, are suffering from poor health and pain.”

All diseases are caused from neurological, metabolic and nutritional deficiency in the body. These are the ‘root levels of dysfunction’ that need to be corrected to truly address symptoms of any disease processes.

Dr. Miller uses breakthrough diagnostic lab testing to determine the underlying metabolic and neurological dysfunction as well as nutritional deficiencies.  He works to uncover the underlying causes of why a person may be suffering from these disease processes.  At Mill Pond Family Chiropractic, in addition to comprehensive lab testing, state of the art examinations of the central nerve system are used to uncover underlying neurological causes of the disease processes of these conditions. We offer state of the art treatments to reverse underlying neurological dysfunction and reestablish normal function within the nerve system.

By addressing not only the Neurological dysfunction, but also the metabolic dysfunction and nutritional deficiencies we see the most amazing life transformations in this office.

"That’s what Mill Pond Family Chiropractic is all about" says Dr. Miller.

Dr. Miller has a doctorate of Chiropractic but also has hundreds of hours of studies in alternative functional care helping people meet there health goals via natural means.

Dr. Miller completed his doctorate at Life Chiropractic College West in June of 2011. He moved to Lexington, KY where he practiced for several years until joining Mill Pond Family Chiropractic as the metabolic and nutritional specialist.

Dr. Miller married his beautiful wife Amanda in 2006 and now have a son (Landyn) and daughter (Ryann).

"Mill Pond Family Chiropractic is about assisting the individual in their return to good health as we teach the optimal ways of health, to continue with long-term sustainable results. It’s all about getting well and then staying well," says Dr. Miller.