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About Us

Are you ready to start a new career in a rewarding, in-demand field? Spencerian can help make your new career a reality, quickly and professionally. We offer accelerated programs that specifically focus on preparing you for your future role, so you can confidently take your place in the network of care.

Spencerian College has earned an excellent reputation through its thousands of successful graduates since its founding in Louisville in 1892. We have an unmatched history of offering our students unique opportunities to prepare for successful careers in today’s professional world.

Spencerian College was founded in 1892 by Enos Spencer, a nationally recognized business educator. In the history book Beginning of the Business School, author Charles G. Reigner says, "The name Spencerian had embedded itself in the consciousness of the American people. The name had been associated with business schools for almost a hundred years. It is an honored name."

At Spencerian, we still proudly stand for quality career education. Thousands of Spencerian graduates hold positions in medical professions across the country, and employers continue to seek Spencerian graduates to meet their employment needs. And with our Lexington campus, which opened in the heart of bluegrass country in 1997, we have extended our reach across Kentucky.

Our Mission

The mission of Spencerian College is to provide students with quality training for careers in the new network of care. This mission is met through providing:

  • A favorable environment for learning that includes a faculty that is academically and professionally prepared to assist each student toward relevant employment.
  • An experienced administration, interested in, and receptive to, new ideas and concepts for continued improvement of the College and its programs of study.
  • Industry-standard equipment and facilities so that graduates will be able to utilize their training on this equipment in their initial employment.
  • Continuous evaluation and appraisal of every facet within the college's programs, ensuring relevance to the needs and demands of the community and ensuring effectiveness in preparing graduates for career success.
  • An employment service for graduates that provides meaningful assistance in matching the graduate to available openings.


  • Clinical Assistant
  • Clinical Assistant with Limited Medical Radiology
  • Clinical Laboratory Assistant*
  • Clinical Laboratory Science*
  • Computed Tomography*
  • Healthcare Reimbursement Specialist
  • Limited Medical Radiography*
  • Massage Therapy
  • Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Medical Administrative Management*
  • Medical Coding Specialist
  • Medical Assistant*
  • Medical Clinical Specialties*
  • Medical Laboratory Technician*
  • Medical Massage Therapy
  • Nursing
  • Phlebotomy*
  • Practical Nursing
  • Radiographic Science Administration*
  • Radiologic Technology*
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Surgical Technology

*Available at our Lexington Campus

Louisville Campus
4627 Dixie Highway Louisville, KY 40216
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At Spencerian College, we prepare today's students for tomorrow's careers. Our mission is to provide quality training for careers in the healthcare professions. With over 120 years of experience, Spencerian is a name you can trust.

Find Your Place in Healthcare at Spencerian
The modern healthcare system relies on a diverse network of dedicated medical professionals who each play an essential part in improving the wellbeing of our communities. Whether you’d like to work with patients directly or prefer a behind-the-scenes role, Spencerian College will help you find where you fit in to this dynamic network of care. Through clinical experiences, faculty mentors and classes that challenge you to be better, Spencerian will prepare you to excel in your specialty.

The Network of Care

Specialties - Highly specialized branches of medicine, such as respiratory therapy and surgical technology, focus on the treatment of specific aspects of a patient's health. Specialists typically concentrate their care on issues and disorders relating to particular parts of the human anatomy or on a particular treatment method. Respiratory therapists tend to heart and lung problems, while surgical technologists assist with surgical operations.

Patient Care - While all members of the healthcare network are considered caregivers, certain professionals work more closely with patients to manage their health needs and provide emotional support. Spencerian trains future practical nurses, registered nurses, medical assistants, clinical assistants and others to take on direct care roles and develop their capacities for compassionate care, clear communication and informed decision making.

- The radiology branch of the network of care is one aspect of the healthcare team that focuses on compassionate patient care while obtaining quality images for the radiologist (physician) to make diagnoses. Spencerian's radiologic technology program prepares students to effectively position patients, operate radiographic equipment and appropriately protect patients while producing diagnostic images.

Wellness - Wellness focuses on promoting a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit in order to reach overall wellbeing. Massage therapy practices this holistic approach to health and often relieves and improves pain, injuries or disorders. Spencerian's massage therapy programs emphasize fundamentals such as tissue manipulation, stretching techniques, body movements and neurology.

- Laboratory test results play a crucial role in accurately diagnosing and treating patients. Phlebotomists, medical laboratory technicians, clinical laboratory assistants and others collect samples and perform tests to analyze body fluids, tissues and substances using sophisticated lab equipment. Many laboratory science professionals present their findings to physicians and consult with them on the proper courses of action.

Medical Office - The administrative side of the network of care relies on the work of medical administrators, medical coders and healthcare reimbursement specialists. Spencerian's medical office programs provide the detailed training necessary to manage or provide administrative support to a medical facility, which includes duties such as health information management, appointment scheduling, medical claims and billing review and patient communications.