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About Us

You dream it.  Together we create it.

We are Central Kentucky’s premier provider of tile, granite and stone for your every home project. We pride ourselves on our design expertise, product knowledge, quality craftsmanship, and customer service. We custom fabricate all our granite, stone and quartz countertops, vanity tops and fireplace surrounds. 

Come visit our design center and create with us the look you’ve been waiting for.


SuCasa Tile & Granite FAQ

What is the difference between granite & quartz?
Granite is a natural stone, was originally hot lava, and quartz is a manmade product made from ground up quartz in a resin base.

Is quartz better than granite or marble?
Quartz is similar in durability to granite, does not need to be sealed like granite and can be more monochromatic in color. Granite can have a lot more natural variation, which many feel adds to the beauty of the stone. When a marble look is desired in a kitchen, a marble-looking quartz is a great option as it won’t have the issues of etching and scratching of marble.

How do I take care of natural stone?
When cleaning natural stone make sure to use PH neutral mild cleaners and avoid abrasive cleaning material. Such items can strip the sealer on the granite. We also recommend a revitalizer used weekly, which is a cleaner that adds a bit of luster to the stone, similar to a furniture polish.

What granite is recommended when selling a house?
When selling a house pick a granite or quartz countertop that compliments your existing cabinets and flooring; as long as the look comes together it will improve the value of the home.

Can tile be used outside?
Due to the freeze and thaw cycles in Kentucky, tile installed outside needs to be frost proof to prevent it from cracking. Most high quality porcelain tiles are frostproof, just check the tile specifications.

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