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The Nebraska Chapter of the National Association of Housing & Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) is a non-profit driven association of housing and community development providers dedicated to empowering its members in their advancement of the public causes of affordable housing, support services, and viable, sustainable communities that will enhance the quality of life, self-sufficiency, and independent living of Nebraskans through legislative advocacy, professional development, marketing, networking, peer recognitions, stakeholder collaboration, and the highest standards of ethics and accountability.

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A majority of NE NAHRO members are Public Housing Authorities (PHA).  PHA’s are political subdivisions created under state statute by local government.  PHA’s were created for the purpose of providing low income housing to their community.  Due in large part to the wide assortment of low income housing development tools that have been available throughout the years, PHA’s are as varied as the communities they serve.   One of the more common tools used to assist families in need is rental subsidy provided by the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) most typically in the form of Public Housing or the Housing Choice Voucher Program (also known as Section 8).  Because HUD subsidy is so common, Public Housing Authorities are often incorrectly referred to as HUD or seen as an extension of the Department of Housing & Urban Development when in fact the relationship is more contractual in nature.            

Nationwide, 40% of those receiving assistance from Public Housing Authorities are children who need a stable place to live.  Housing is integral for children to fulfill their potential in school and to be given the same opportunity to succeed as we as a nation have promised all of our children.  Over 40% of those assisted by Public Housing Authorities are considered elderly or disabled by the Department of Housing & Urban Development.  Some are Veterans, many are grandparents or great-grandparents and more still are doing the best they can with a physical or mental limitation that impairs their ability perform daily functions that most Americans take for granted.  Many of the remaining people receiving assistance from Public Housing Authorities are hard working parents or individuals doing the best that they can.  Most are employed or actively looking for work but simply do not make enough to support their family and pay for housing costs.             

Though housing is a basic need and the need for affordable housing is at an all-time high, housing agencies have been devastated by federal cuts to core programs.  The basic contractual relationship between HUD and a Public Housing Authority, in simplified terms, requires the PHA to charge a rental rate or provide a subsidy amount based upon a family's income.  In turn, the federal government (HUD) will then reimburse the Public Housing Authority for the rental amount they are not receiving from the client who is unable to pay the full amount.  Over the past decade, this reimbursement amount and/or the fees paid to administer these programs to the PHA by the federal government, have been steadily declining to the point that many PHA’s are unable to operate some or all of the HUD programs without staggering losses.  In order for these tried and tested programs to continue, PHA’s in Nebraska need your voice and your support.  Please support your local housing authority.

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Nebraska NAHRO FAQ

How do I apply for Housing Assistance?
Sadly, not all Public Housing Authorities are able to take applications due to the overwhelming demand and many PHA’s have closed their waiting list. In many larger cities throughout this country, if you are lucky enough to be able to apply, your wait is often 2-10 years depending upon the city you live in. Fortunately in Nebraska, this is not the case in most communities. Most PHA’s in Nebraska have open waiting lists and the wait is usually not more than a year and often much quicker. Due to the variety of programs, some PHA’s have programs specifically for people over 50 or 62 and others might be designed specifically for those with special needs. Contact your local housing authority to see if you qualify.

How much rent do I pay?
Not all programs have rental assistance, some like the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program subsidize construction costs and offer a flat rent amount for all tenants which is generally lower than the market rent rate for that community. Though these programs require income qualification rental rates are not based on income (though often you may use Housing Choice Vouchers in these facilities). In rental subsidy programs such as the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) or Public Housing Program, clients generally pay 30% of their adjusted income towards housing costs (rent + utilities) though in some programs such as the HCV program they can potentially pay up to 40% of their adjusted income for housing costs. Thus, rental fees are going to vary from family to family and from program to program. Contact your local housing authority to see what programs they have to offer and if rental amounts are flat rates or based on family income.

If I am homeless or have children do I receive more quickly?
Housing Authorities have the ability to establish local preferences or no preference at all (date and time of application). Applicants receiving preference status will generally receive assistance more quickly than those that do not have a preference. PHA’s generally assign points to preferences and may add preferences together to establish a point total or may use some other method to determine applicant order. Lotteries are common in larger housing authorities. Common local preferences include but are not limited to the elderly (62 and older), disabled, near elderly (50 and over) families with children, victims of domestic violence, veterans, graduates of Rentwise and those receiving earned income. All claimed preference would need to be verified in the manner determined by your local PHA. Contact your local Public Housing Authority to find out if they have established any local preferences.

Does the Housing Authority have to assist me?
No. Despite the common misconception that housing authorities must provide assistance to all families meeting income eligibility, the fact is that PHA’s will screen for several factors with the depth of screening depending upon the program. For example, applicants applying for Public Housing will most likely be screened for landlord history and credit history. In the Housing Choice Voucher program, this is left up to the landlord to determine their own comfort level. All housing authorities screen for criminal history with each local PHA determining their community tolerance for specific criminal activity. Generally serious, drug related, violent and sex offences are screened carefully by the PHA. Screening for these measures provides current and future clients with piece of mind that they are living in a safe environment for themselves and their children.

Membership Benefits

The Nebraska Chapter of NAHRO offers quality technical support and development services to housing and community development professionals. Join us and experience the following membership benefits:

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Membership Dues Guidelines

Dues are effective according to the calendar year, January through December. Membership dues are invoiced by a separate billing process in December. Dues must be received by March 1st of the membership year. Dues cannot be prorated.

The Nebraska Chapter of NAHRO offers two categories of membership: Active and Affiliate. These two categories are further broken down into Agency and Individual memberships. Detailed information and pricing can be found on the membership form below.

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