The Blink of an Eye

Liz Fogle

Our family is definitely soaking up the above average temperatures here in Kentucky. The majority of our time is spent outside (especially before lunch and after nap). I want to share with you about a recent (middle of the day) fishing trip with Bug (my daughter). The trip was extremely fun and entertaining, but it did get me thinking about something. With Bug attending more days of school this fall, my days as a semi-stay-at-home mom are about to change drastically. Wait…before I get all sappy, I want to share our fishing experience.

This past week, we spent an afternoon fishing on Barren River Lake with my mom, dad, sister and nephew. Fishing with Bug has always been fun, but this trip takes the cake!

As soon as we arrived at the boat dock, Bug was ready to fish (she had a new Junior Fishing Pole). However, the enthusiasm for fishing lasted about 2.5 seconds!! She was soon frustrated that she didn’t immediately catch a fish or wasn’t big enough to cast her line. She would take hold of her fishing pole and immediately ask “did I catch a fish yet?” We would all reply, “No Bug, you have to be patient and concentrate on your bobber!” Let’s just say patience and concentration are not her strong point (LOL…I wonder where she gets that trait?!?!). Bug would have caught 3-4 fish if she would have watched her bobber a little more closely, but she didn’t.

Fishing with Bug is like fishing with a bull or an elephant (lots of noise!!). She loves to throw rocks in the water to scare the fish off, scream at the top of her lungs, and hoard all the worms. A fisherman’s dream right?!?! Bug’s hoarding (or liking) to the worms also resulted in her naming them. The worms became “the fellas” and they were hanging out in their crib. We all rolled with laughter when she told us this! I would love to know where Bug gets some of this stuff. Here are a few pictures of Bug fishing:

Overall we had a great trip. I won’t bore you with any more of the details. But, I do love that my daughter isn’t afraid to get dirty, handle worms, or even fish. Bug may not be the best fishing buddy, but she will definitely add a little humor and comedy to your trip.

Okay…so enough about my fishing trip and on to the point of my blog. Bug has about 7 weeks of school left (before summer break). When she returns to school in the fall, both of our worlds will change drastically. Bug will have to adjust to spending more time at school and I will have to adjust to not having her around all the time.

A friend of mine and I talked about this several weeks ago, but the reality of her being at school more didn’t hit me until the fishing trip. More time at school means: no more daytime trips to the lake play dates, trips to Chick-Fil-A for lunch, or trips to the park. All of these activities will now have to be scheduled around school. My whole world as a semi stay-at-home mom is about to change. What I have considered as routine for 4 years will no longer be. I know I will have plenty of activities to fill my time; it just isn’t going to be the same. I am used to having my Bug by my side!

My friends and I joke that we will have mommy lunch dates instead! While it sounds great, I know it will not be the same without my Bug! I really don’t worry about Bug and her transition; she is the type of kid who always lands on her feet. Thankfully, she loves school and enjoys spending time there.

I know I have all summer to prepare for this transition, but I think the hardest thing for me is realizing how fast she is growing up. I feel like in “the blink of an eye” Bug will be going to prom, graduating from High School, and getting married (does anyone have a tissue?!?!?). Oh…sometimes don’t you just wish you could freeze time and moments?!?! Since I can’t, I am going to enjoy what is left of our middle of the day fishing trips, play dates and trips to the park.

Is anyone else experiencing this right now? If so, how are you dealing with it? Moms who have already experienced this…..HELP!!!
Can’t wait to hear from you!!

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