Moms Need A Little Luck!!

Every day I wake up at 3 a.m., go to work, and dart home during my break to take the kids to school. Then it's back to the station after playing chauffeur for an hour.

But on Wednesday, I dropped my son off at the school bus stop, then zipped over to take my daughter to kindergarten. As we were walking into the school building she remembers it's "Hat Day." She saw a couple of her classmates walking in with their cute hats.

I forgot too and felt bad!

My daughter instantly started to get tears in her eyes. She asked, "Can we please go back home and get a hat?" I knew we didn't have time and she would be late to school. Plus, I needed to get back to work so, I told her "No," and we would just have to go in.

After walking her into class I walked back to my Jeep. When I opened my door I saw a pink K-State hat smashed under the seat! I quickly pulled it out, fluffed it up a little and smiled! I turned around and quickly ran the hat into her school before the second bell rang. I walked in and gave it to her, she screamed with excitement! She said "Yes! Thank you, Mommy"..

As I walked out she was smiling ear to ear.

Sometimes busy moms need a little luck!

Have a great week everyone!

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Jemelle Holopirek

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