Coupon Statistics

Andrea Woroch, Consumer Savings Expert

This article, entitled "Coupon Statistics" is courtesy Consumer Savings Expert Andrea Woroch.

When you stop and look at the numbers, the popularity of coupons is impressive. To give you a better idea of how coupons are becoming entrenched in our everyday lives, check out some of these interesting statistics regarding coupon use.

Coupon clippers may be interested to know, the average number of dashes around a printable coupon is 85.

Most shoppers took advantage of coupons in 2010, with 78.3% of consumers reporting they used them regularly. This is an increase of more than 14% over pre-recession levels.

While men aren't always associated with clipping coupons, MSN reports a recent survey found 59% of men say they use coupons when shopping. This is an 8% increase from just one year ago.

Digital coupon use is on the rise as well. A study by eMarketer found 47% of Americans will use at least one this year. Surprisingly, the same study finds most of those who use online coupons are over 55 years old and have a high level of education and earnings.

2010 was a record-setting year for coupons with more than 332 billion distributed. Surprisingly, only 3.3 billion of those coupons were redeemed. This means there's still a whole lot of savings to be had out there.

If using coupons still doesn't seem worth the trouble, consider how the value of coupons is increasing. In 2010, the average face value of a coupon grew to $1.46 per coupon. Since the average coupon expires after 10.1 weeks, you should have no trouble using them in time.

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