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Beltone is locally owned and operated but is also affiliated with a national company. Our primary concern is you our customers we call it - "Bel-Care".

When you come into one of our Beltone stores you will receive a through hearing examination and honest recommendations according to your exam results and personal care.

All hearing instruments come with a factory warranty and lifetime cleaning and maintenance for a complete customer care experience.



Beltone Hearing Center FAQ

Q: How do I know if I need hearing aids?
Most of the time your family will notice and tell you first. Have you noticed any of the following: having to ask people to repeat themselves, having to turn the television up, having a hard time hearing in crowds. These are all indicators you may be having hearing trouble.

Q: Are hearing aids comfortable?
Some are, and some aren't. Each hearing loss is different and there are different models that are better suited for different degrees of loss.

Q: How many styles of hearing aids are there?
There are several instruments. Depending on a persons hearing loss: Behind The Ear (BTE) Receiver In the Canal (RIC), In the Ear (ITE), In The Canal (ITC), and Completely in Canal (CIC) are just to name a few.

Q: If I'm in a noisy environment will hearing aids hurt my ears?
The newer technology will not, it's so advanced most actually zone in on who is speaking to you so you can better understand in that environment making a noisy situation more comfortable.

Q: Can I be mistaking excessive ear wax with hearing loss?
It's possible. Although most of the time occlusion will not cause enough of a hearing loss to be noticeable. If you think you may be blocked up, it's always best to have your doctor take a look.

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