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About Us

Big Brothers Big Sisters is an organization focused on mentoring youth between the ages of 6 to 14.  We have been providing positive role models for children in Northcentral Wisconsin for almost 35 years.  We match these children with mentors in professionally supported one-to-one relationships.


Big Brothers-Big Sisters of North Central Wisconsin FAQ

Q: How do children (Littles) become involved in our program?
In many cases they are referred to us by school staff such as teachers or guidance counselors who recognize a social and/or academic need. They discuss our program with the parent and once we receive their permission we can proceed with enrolling your child. In other cases we get referrals from social workers or the parent(s) themselves.

Q: How do mentors (Bigs) become involved in our program?
Simply by calling our office at 715-848-7207 or inquiring online at There is an application that you will need to complete. Then we set up a time to do an interview with you that can be done at your home, place of employment, or our office; depending on what you are interested in.

Q: How long do children (Littles) wait to be matched?
This is a hard question to answer because their are a lot of variables. We do try our best to make those who have been waiting the longest our top priority. Much of this depends on the volunteers that we have and what makes the best match.

Q: In what ways can a child or volunteer become matched?
We have three options for ways you can become matched in our program: Community Based; School Based; and Club Based. In all three cases weekly contact is preferred; but consistency is our top priority and most beneficial. For more details on each program please call or see our website.

Q: What are some other ways I can get involved?
You can also get involved with our agency by being active in our two major fundraising efforts every year; Bowl for Kids Sake in February and Big Taste in September. You could inquire about joining our planning committees or just attend these events to help support our cause. If we want to continue serving more children; our need for funding becomes even greater.

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