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About Us


Greeneway RV is located in Wisconsin Rapids and has been growing since it first opened in 1963. The current owners, Mick and Lora Ferkey, purchased Greeneway RV in 1987. They made a commitment to focus on servicing their customers with improvements that would bring that goal about. Along with that commitment came some major improvements to both the facility and the grounds in order to make shopping for an RV a pleasurable and convenient experience. The building offers a beautiful indoor showroom where they are able to highlight some of the newest models in a climate controlled environment. Greeneway’s parts store offers thousands of parts and accessories for just about any RV need. If you don’t see what you need, the friendly and helpful parts staff can order it for you.

Greeneway RV Sales & Service FAQ

Q: Why camping versus a "traditional" vacation?
Many people invest a large amount of money in traditional vacations and get only a small amount of time in return. When you get home and unpack, the vacation is over. Camping gives you so many opportunities to enjoy your free time when you have it. You can permanently park your camper in your favorite campground and just head there for a weekend or even an overnight getaway. Or you can hook up your camper and drive to a new destination whenever time allows. Everything you need comes with you.

Q: Do you need a special vehicle to tow a camper?
The RV industry realizes that not everyone has, nor can they afford, a large tow vehicle. We are seeing more and more lightweight campers being produced by manufacturers. Many of these lightweight campers can be towed behind SUV's or even mini vans. What's more, you won't be sacrificing any of the amenities that you find in larger campers when you purchase these mini versions. The innovative floorplans use every inch of space wisely and still give you all of the comforts of home.

Q: Is camping just a "trend" right now?
In our day and age of "social media", we really aren't very social. We spend most of our daily lives looking at some kind of screen, whether it be a TV, computer, cell phone or tablet. The human factor of communication is being replaced by screens. It's not going to change, in fact, it's only going to continue. Camping gives us back that human interaction that we all yearn for on some level. Whether it be around a campfire roasting marshmallows or on a shoreline holding fishing poles, camping gets us back to basics. Sure, most of us will bring our "screens" with us, but we are more apt to put them away and talk to each other under a balmy summer sky. Enjoying our family and friends should never be just a trend.

Q: What is an average payment on a camper?
That really varies based on what you're purchasing, of course. New campers can be financed for longer; on average about 12 years. That means a payment on a new camper can be well less than $200 a month. There are many variables that determine a person's payment. Interest rates on recreational vehicles are low right now and it's a great time to buy. It's worth looking into. People are surprised at how affordable purchasing a camper really can be. The salesmen at Greeneway RV are glad to answer any questions about financing and payment options.

Q: Is it really considered camping when your have all of the fancy things that campers offer these days?
When you say the word "camping" it can mean different things to different people, so it really depends on your perspective. Some people wouldn't dream of camping in anything other than a tent, out in the woods, with a sleeping bag and a backpack. However, most people are all about their comfort and convenience. When it's 98 degrees and humid, being able to sleep in the comfort of an air conditioned camper sounds wonderful. When your four year old wakes up in the middle of the night and needs to use the bathroom, it's nice to have one right inside your camper. These days when it comes to "rouging it", most people don't.