Ugly Ted: Newest Kid's Toy and Anti-Bullying Advocate!

Considered to be the "Worlds Ugliest Teddy Bear", Ugly Ted offers a unique philosophy on life, all while emphasizing inner beauty. With the recent epidemic on bullying, this cuddly bear is here to teach children early on about the importance of treating others with love and respect, no matter where they are from, or how they look. Ugly Ted evokes us all that no one should ever feel isolated from society – we should treat everyone with equality. He is an important reminder that bullying others needs to immediately come to an end.

Founded by Toyota Motor Manufacturing producer, Mark Little, Ugly Ted was developed to try and make a difference in this world. The endearing bear may not be the most attractive toy on the shelves, but he certainly has the most meaningful message for children – teaching them that you don’t have to be beautiful or perfect to be loved. As one of the most socially conscious kid’s toys on the market today, it functions as both a child’s best friend and their greatest teacher.

An illustrated book series titled Adventures of Ugly Ted, which is available free on the website, was created to further instill these important lessons into children of today. While clutching and cuddling their very own Ugly Ted, parents and kids will be able to read numerous stories together, with topics ranging from life, love, heartbreak, bullying and most of all, overcoming obstacles. The series will relay important relevant lessons to its readers and give children hope that they too can make a difference!

For more information, visit Ugly Ted's website.

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