How Much Should You Read to Your Child?

The early years set the stage for later learning. The single most important activity for building the knowledge of eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children every day. That’s according to National Commission on Reading.

The Children’s Reading Foundation, an organization dedicated to ensuring all children read well, stresses that 20 minutes of reading aloud to a child from birth on should be a priority for every parent.

Just 20 minutes a day of reading promotes a strong reading foundation. It also strengthens listening and language skills, promotes curiosity and imagination and builds relationships.

It doesn’t really matter what you read, just as long as you spend time every day doing so. Babies enjoy bright, simple board books that they can hold and chew on. Toddlers also like brightly illustrated books with pictures of things they can point out. Once children begin to read, the importance of reading with them continues.

Children who were read to since birth succeed in school and life. Reading is the most fundamental skill a child will use while in school.

In today’s busy world, carving out 20 minutes a day may seem like an impossible task. But finding that time is key for your child’s future reading and educational success. It’s okay to break up the 20 minutes by finding five minutes here or there throughout the day.

While books aren’t exactly expensive, they’re not cheap either. Invest in some books and then make trips to the public library a regular occurrence.

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