Traveling with Kids

If you're already dreading the "Are we there yet?" whining from the back seat, here are a few ideas for happy traveling as a family...

If you're flying, wear something brightly colored and distinctive. That way, if your kids are walking behind you, they can easily spot you from a distance. My kids are mortified by my "travel sweater", but they've never lost sight of me! Another idea is to dress everyone in the family in the same color so you can easily spot one another.

If you have a nervous flier, try Tootsie Pops on take offs and landings. Gum loses its flavor quickly and it will help them swallow for popped ears. It also helps to have some distractions with you- a new coloring book, puzzle or book about where you're going.

Traveling by car? Give your kids a journal to fill in as you go. They can write about places they visited, funny things that happened in the car and their favorite meals on the go. I like to include some stickers of things you might be doing or places you'll be going. Younger kids can use the stickers so they don't have to write so much.

Decide ahead of time how much money kids will have to spend on souvenirs. It's amazing how much thought they will put into a purchase when they know there is a limit to how much they can spend.

Do you have any travel tips that have worked for your family? Share them here!

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