Fireworks Heat

Pat Persaud

It's summer, so that means fireworks season! It's a tradition for many families - a way to celebrate the 4th of July holiday as well as getting your inner pyro on!

We tease my son about that. He loves fireworks and looks forward
to putting on a show for family and friends.

His show is always done with adult supervision and we obey the local laws governing fireworks. Again, he's careful. But make no mistake, he knows fireworks (if used improperly) can be dangerous!

It seems now we're also reminded daily about the dangers of lighting off fireworks, especially when it comes to children. It is a concern!

Forty percent of fireworks injuries are to children under the age of 15. Twenty-three percent of those to kids under the age of five! Most of them sparkler burns.

Knowing all of this, how do we justify allowing our son (age 15) to use them? Well, when it comes to fireworks, we need to gather our common sense!

Young children should not be handling fireworks! Keeping a safe distance between the "shooter" and audience is important. A bucket of water is always close by.

He doesn't try to re-ignite dud fireworks. He obeys the local laws governing fireworks.

Still, I hold my breath just a little every year!

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