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Phone: 307.638.8904

About Us

United Way of Laramie County is working hard to meet the needs of the people in our community. We are your partner in building a better community creating partnerships and collaborations to make the greatest possible impact. We focus on what matters in Laramie County.

United Way of Laramie County FAQ

Q: Why support United Way of Laramie County?
United Way of Laramie County does what no other nonprofit organization can. We coordinate the collective strength of more than 2,000 individual donors, 100+ local businesses, 25 nonprofit organizations and numerous community resources. Together, we help people when they need it now and we deliver long-term solutions for individuals and families in Laramie County by empowering them to thrive in our community for years to come.

Q: How does United Way of Laramie County determine which programs receive funding?
Funding recommendations are made by our three Community Investment Teams and approved by our board of directors. These volunteer teams review biennial funding proposals from local nonprofit organizations to decide which programs receive funding as well as how much funding goes to each program during the two-year funding cycle. Additionally, all funded programs are required to submit annual reports to United Way of Laramie County for review by our Community Investment Teams.

Q: Does my money stay local?
YES, your money stays in Laramie County. Your local United Way's board of directors make community investment decisions based on recommendations from members of your community who volunteer to serve on Community Investment Teams.

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