Easy Stress Relievers

Busy moms don’t always have time for yoga, a massage or another mainstream technique meant to get the stress out. We have some easy stress relievers for moms on the go.

First, drink tea. Studies show that black tea, in particular, can relieve stress just by sipping on it. Just be sure to switch to caffeine free before bedtime.

Try planting a plant or tending to a garden. Gardening is a known stress reliever that keeps us calm and focused, and can even lower our heart rate and improve our mood.

Find your partner and get in a good snuggle. Hugs and kisses or even just holding hands feels great and can temporarily melt away stress.

Add some pink to your surroundings. Bubble gum pink has been shown to lift our spirits and make us feel relaxed. Pluck some pink flowers or add a few, fun pink decorations to your room.

Lastly, write a list of things you’re thankful for in your life. You’ll instantly elevate your mood and put things back into perspective.

About the Author...
Rachel Phillips
Riding horses, going to the lake, beach vacations, little league sports and church activities is how the Phillips family spends most of its time together.

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