Bringing A Seasonal Touch To Your Next Meal

About Us

Keeping healthy and quick snack options in the kitchen is a priority for me.

Our family has been visiting the local farmers’ market ever since our kids were in strollers. Our two children are teenagers now and our schedule is busier than ever. Keeping healthy and quick snack options in the kitchen is a priority for me. Those visits to the farmers’ markets are still something we look forward to doing together. My website, will help your family put together simple snacks and meals with seasonal and fresh ingredients no matter what the pace of your household.

I am Liz, an avid farmers' market shopper, gardener and recipe developer based in Oregon, Wisconsin.  I hope this site will offer you ideas to add healthy inspiration to your next meal whether it is finding a recipe from that ingredient you just picked up from the market or the veggies your neighbor just dropped at your door.

Our family's weekly visits to farmers' markets where we were struck by the beauty of the local produce and locally produced items inspired me to seek new cooking possibilities. My website has also grown from my experience with my own vegetable garden and the variety it offered to our dinner table. My work with the recipe page for American Skillet Company  allowed me to revisit some personal skills and passions: photography, recipe research and experimenting with different flavor combinations. I then joined Instagram and discovered other food bloggers who shared my interest in ingredients and how they came together in unique and beautiful recipes.  The encouragement friends and from the members of Wisconsin Whisk give me the support to continue to find new ways to keep meals healthy. What you will find here are simple recipes that make the most of the ingredients from a short trip out to your garden or quick stop at the local farmers' market.