Julia Campbell

Julia Campbell joined Gray in May 2010 as the director of operations for MomsEveryday, a broadcast, digital and mobile platform created by Gray.

She has led the MomsEveryday program from its launch as a parenting vertical at KOLN in Lincoln, Nebraska, to a national program spanning dozens of stations across the country, inside and outside of Gray. Julia and her team strive to “Make Mom’s Life Easier” through quality content, local experts and solutions for parents of all types. Julia’s career in television has crossed through some of the smallest of markets, like Casper, Wyoming, to some of the largest, like Atlanta, Georgia. These experiences help her customize the MomsEveryday program for every size market and any community. As a mother of two children herself, most of Julia’s inspiration comes from experiences at home and her knowledge that parenting can be a roller coaster experience every day.