Notesong Srisopark Thompson

Notesong is a mother of three and a passionate advocate for maternal and child health issues including child welfare, trauma-informed care and breastfeeding.

Notesong is an everyday mom of three lovable kids, a boy (age 11) and two little girls (ages 6 and 7), who fascinate and challenge her on a daily basis. Like many fellow moms, she wears several hats as the family scheduler, chauffer, general contractor, laundry expert (not that she wants to be), (feels like) unofficial administrative assistant to her husband, soccer team mom (not that she should be), brown-thumbed gardener, volunteer, and fills in the pieces as she goes...things don’t always go smoothly, as she will tell you herself. Born in Kansas, raised in North Dakota, with 100% Thai heritage, Notesong is a first-generation Asian American with strong Midwestern roots now based in Madison, Wisconsin.

She is a passionate advocate for maternal and child health issues, including child welfare, trauma-informed care, and breastfeeding. She has a strong background in these areas as a pediatric emergency/trauma Nurse with 18+ years of clinical experience, and as an attorney with a focus in child advocacy. She co-founded the Children’s Justice Project at the University of Wisconsin Law School, and was the Director of Milwaukee Street Law at Marquette University Law School from 2007-2012. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board. Most recently, she became a Certified Lactation Counselor. With this expertise, she led the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation’s Breastfeeding Support Initiative. In this role, she developed a Breastfeeding Text Support pilot program for moms-to-be/new breastfeeding moms and a Community Education presentation on “Supporting Breastfeeding Moms and Babies.”

Not surprisingly, Notesong is a music lover and plays the piano and ukulele, and enjoys classic and Latin jazz, classical music, and bossa nova. She is constantly seeking adventure and is a foodie with a capital ‘F’. She loves to karaoke, travel domestically and especially internationally, reading (but can’t get past a few pages without falling asleep), movies, musicals and the theater, and figure skating. She absolutely LOVES dancing and car dancing (especially to disco, 80’s, and all things Michael Jackson and Earth, Wind and Fire – really, any upbeat music that lets her spirit soar and ‘be the sunshine’). Her newest passion is yoga and meditation, a new-found haven and sanctuary away from the chaos of everyday life, with the desired outcome of increased calm and mindfulness, and all-around good health and happiness for her and her family.

Notesong’s favorite times are spent with her ‘kindred spirit’ circle of friends, family, and especially with her husband, Jason, and their kids…who are all subject to ‘her smiles, her frowns, her ups, and her downs.’ In a nutshell, she is the mom/girlfriend-next-door who keeps it real, is reinventing herself now that all of her kids are in school, doing the best she can, and trying to instill her personal philosophy of using the ‘good towels’ each and every day of her life.