About Us

My story is different!

On paper I have a degree in Exercise and Sports Science, hold multiple certifications in Group Exercise, am certified as a Weight Loss Specialist, Personal Trainer,  owner of  a Fitness studio, blogger, educator, and I am respected professional in the fitness industry. The success of those I work with isn’t only based on my own experience, it’s also based on sound scientific research and education.

In real life I have weight fluctuations like everyone else, get tired of always preparing food at home, and feel like I never have enough time.

I knew I needed a change once we had our first child and I was working long hours, and commuting to a job that was no longer fulfilling. I was tired of rushing to work, rushing home for supper, bath, bedtime, and the repeat of the cycle the next day. I was a Director of Fitness, managing others and I was tired! I NEEDED to go back to working personally with those struggling with their own body images.

 What I really specialize in:

Juggling it all just like everyone else! From being a mom of 2 girls, a house, family, career, and everything else in between. I help inspire others to find the balance and CREATE A FIT LIFE even during this crazy rollercoaster of life.

My passion and education has led me on a path to help as many people as I can and to create resources so anyone, anywhere can have fitness in their lives.

Even with the busiest schedules, becoming the healthiest version of ourselves is possible!

People are surprised to know about me:

I suffer from an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s Disease, a condition in which my immune system attacks the thyroid making it difficult to regulate, and slows down my metabolism. You have no idea how many times people have assumed that I naturally have a fast metabolism! Sorry, it’s the opposite!

My pregnancies have NOT been Fit! Naturally a fitness professional should have fit and active pregnancies, right..? Wrong!  In my case, two high risk pregnancies put me on bed rest for 12 weeks for my first pregnancy and on activity restrictions for my second. I gained  more weight than I wanted for both and had to deal with the emotional struggles and negative body image that go with it.

I don’t believe in diets or rely on supplements. I eat pretty normal, no supplements or shakes for meals. I eat foods that my family enjoys eating, no separate meals for our family or feeling like I am a short order chef.

Our children don’t do daycare. My husband and I both work full time and juggle our schedules to make it work.

I have a hard time making time for myself. Like every other person I struggle with the same issues of making me a priority.

As a respected professional in the fitness industry, my goals are simple; To make exercise and nutrition as simple as possible for everyone!


 Hi! I am Becky

A respected professional in the fitness industry my goals are simple. To make exercise and nutrition as simple as possible for everyone!