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Phone: 1-800-438-2355

About Us

Appalachian Wireless is Eastern Kentucky's leading provider of high quality telecommunications products and services since 1991. Headquartered in Ivel KY, Appalachian Wireless operates advanced cellular telephone, data and paging networks, and is dedicated to providing today's most innovative communications products and services at affordable prices to local communities. 

With now nearly 160 cell sites, serving 29 counties, Appalachian Wireless provides the best digital coverage in over 8,000 square miles serviced by more than 50 Appalachian Wireless stores and authorized dealers.






Appalachian Wireless FAQ

Will my Appalachian Wireless cell phone work across the country?
Yes, it will. Appalachian Wireless my be a regional cell phone carrier, but our coverage area stretches across the entire United States. We roam off nearly every similar network to ours in the nation including the national ones. In addition, we carry several phone models that will work in a number of foreign countries.

Is Appalachian Wireless more expensive than the "national carriers"?
No. If you really sit down and do the math, Appalachian Wireless is cheaper on just about everything. For example, if you have unlimited voice calls, unlimited text, and 5 gigabytes of data, then you save around $30 a month or more going with Appalachian Wireless over the competition.

How much will unlimited everything cost me?
We offer unlimited talk and text for at the every day price of $69.99. To add a 5GB data package on to that is $29.99 for a total of $99.98. Also consider that most other carriers only offer 2GB data packages for the same price and you are truly getting a fantastic deal. The 5GB cap will also likely never be reached for the average user as long as no music or video is streamed heavily.

Do you offer any family unlimited texting options?
Yes we do. Individual text package typically run for $19.99 per line which can really add up for a family. But, Appalachian Wireless offers the ability to pay $29.99 a month for unlimited texting across all lines on your account. This is also a great money saver and allows the whole family to text all they want.