Graduating high school senior has 13 years of perfect attendance

Melea VanOstrand

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) -- Tyler Cameron, a senior at Central High School in Rapid City, South Dakota, has not missed one day of school in his 13 years in the school system.

"I've had no reason to really skip and never been sick enough to miss a day of school," Cameron said.

"We would love to see every student have perfect attendance. If we did, we know that our achievement would be currently higher than it is," said Assistant Principal Randy Seales.

Cameron says always showing up to class is crucial to his academic success.

"You never really miss anything so you never fall behind and that way, you don't have bad grades," he said. "I'm always here learning."

Cameron's perfect attendance extends outside of school, too.

"I've never missed work at all or anything like that, and I don't ever plan on it,” said Cameron.

The stellar student has already taken 10 courses at Western Dakota Tech and hopes to earn his criminal justice degree.

"I always wanted to be a cop and I've worked with many varieties of law enforcement. It just kind of pushed me to be even more of a cop, and be in that kind of career field," said Cameron.

Although he has never missed a day of school, he was only tardy once, and that was a few weeks ago.

"A guy turned when I was turning and he ran into the side of my car, so I had a little fender bender. "

The school excused his tardy. The staff at Central High School say Cameron is a great example to other students.

"He's a prime example of a good student in a class who is taking advantage of dual enrollment, and he's already got a career path picked out and we're really proud of him," said Seales.

Cameron says he intends to keep a perfect attendance record in college and whatever future job he may have.

"You can get a better job, get a better education and live life better."