9 household items that can actually make you happier

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According to scientists, there are certain colors and scents, along with a few other accessories you can add to your home, that can actually improve your happiness. Now I’m no scientist but after reading this list, I totally agree.

In a nutshell, the 9 “decorating” ideas are…

Green or yellow walls
Fresh flowers
Sentimental photos
Vanilla candles
A journal
Furry friends
Floral scents
A made bed
Less is more


Now if you don’t want to paint an entire room yellow or green, you could just paint an accent wall or perhaps decorate with a few items in yellow or green. And don’t forget, instead of spending money on something yellow or green, you can always pick up some spray paint and change-up a few items you already own or pick up at a thrift store.

Fresh flowers are great but if they aren’t in your budget, take a peek outside and see what’s blooming. Of course in the winter months you might not find much but even bringing in a few pine branches and putting them in a pretty vase of water can lift my mood.

Vanilla scented candles and candle holders can be picked up at dollar stores as well as journals.

And as far as furry friends….well we totally agree that they can improve your life! If you’re ever considering adding a pet to your family, check out all the awesome ones the local shelters have to offer. And in our home they are definitely part of the décor as they lounge on the furniture, counters, and wherever else they choose!

Here’s the article I read, with the scientific reasons why these 9 things can improve your life and actually make you happier, from Good Housekeeping.

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