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Finding a Perfect Fitting Workout Shoe

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This article, entitled "Finding a Perfect Fitting Workout Shoe," comes from Terri DeVore at V-Fitness in Waco, TX.

One question I hear over and over again from my clients is how to find the right shoe to work out in. With so many brands, styles, trends and gimmicks it can be a little overwhelming. Well, fret no more! I have four simple tips that will have you feeling like Cinderella in no time.

First, you should shop for shoes later in the day or the evening. During the day our feet swell just like they would as we work out. If you shop early in the morning, you run the risk of finding an uncomfortable fit…until you start to sweat!

Next thing to consider is make sure you are getting a sport-specific shoe. If you plan on running, get a running shoe. Plan on walking some laps; you need a good walking shoe. You want to do this because each specific shoe will have different support and features for different areas of the foot. Think about what you are going to be using the shoes for and make sure they meet that specific need.

Remember the days of buying shoes that weren’t that comfortable but your mom made you get them anyway because “they will be fine once you break them in”? Well, those days are gone! When you try the shoes on, they should be comfortable from the start. Make sure they don’t rub, have bad support, or are too tight. They should be ready to wear right out of the store!

Last thing I recommend is “ask the experts”. If you are still confused or not quite sure which shoes are best for you, ask! Most sports stores you go into have people in the shoe department for that sole (no pun intended) purpose. They can help you figure out how you walk, where you distribute your weight, etc. They are there…use them!

Athletic shoes have come a long way and they really do make a difference in your workouts …happy feet mean better workouts! Now that you are ready, get out there and get moving!

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My name is Terri DeVore and I own V-Fitness and Fit Chick Boot camp. I specialize in training women and getting them strong and fit. I have also just recently launched an online fitness magazine for the Waco area called Focus On Fitness. And....I am also a mom!