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Upcycled Laptop Desk & Food Tray!

This article, entitled Upcycled Laptop Desk & Food Tray! comes from Amanda Hearn at The Eco-Friendly Family.

I may not be the craftiest person ever, but when I saw this Melissa & Doug wooden tray just laying on the playroom floor I knew it needed to have a higher purpose. My first thought was “oooh, I could use that to serve my husband breakfast in bed” and then I reconsidered. I could be served breakfast in bed! As cool as that would be, the idea of putting work into it for a single purpose didn’t quite get me running to the craft cabinet, that’s when I realized it could also double as a sweet “desk” from which I could blog, work and watch my kids as they play in the living room. Perfect!

Here’s what I used:

  • Melissa & Doug Tray (mine happened to come with a musical instrument set, but others have them too!)

  • Sand paper (to smooth edges and sand of the M&D logo)

  • Paint or Stain

  • Pillow to create a soft side for your new lap desk! – or (optional) DIY your own using an old wooden puzzle base, some fabric, stuffing and a staple gun! (as seen below)

Sand any rough spots and paint away! This project is so simple but can take a little time to allow the paint to dry between coatings. Feel free to end it off with a protective clear layer if you’re feeling super ambitious. I wasn’t, but I did anyhow. Then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I love my new desk and it didn’t cost me a penny to make it – and some items that were about to be discarded were put to good use!

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Amanda Hearn
I am a stay-at-home mother of three fantastic children and wife to an awesome husband. They are my biggest inspiration to keep learning and exploring all that natural and healthy living has to offer.

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