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Some Movie Theater Snacks Equal to Two Days of Fat

Some movie theater snacks = 2 days of fat

We all know most of the grub at the movie theater is not diet food, but wow… this consumer report makes me want to keep sneaking in my own healthy snacks (is that really not allowed???).

Consumer Reports (CR) tested the fat, calories, and sodium in the largest sizes of popcorn, nachos, pretzel pieces with cheese, and Coke or Pepsi from three of the nation’s biggest movie-theater chains: AMC, National Amusements, and Regal.

The results? Well… they’re enough to make you want to bring a treadmill with you to the theater.


Popcorn, buttered 844-1,591 54-113 436-2,038
Popcorn, plain


37-81 365-2,013
Cheese nachos 728-907 38-54 1,033-3,132

Pretzels and cheese




Soda 384-696




So… a large tub of buttered popcorn can have nearly two days’ worth of fat. Of course, you’d probably share it though, so that would bring it down to just a day’s worth.

The good news – I have seen some healthier options lately when I go to the movies – things like Odwalla bars, trail mix, and even fruit trays.

Does your movie theater sell healthy snacks?